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(a) any subsidiaries, holding companies, affiliate companies, associated

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with the School. These companies may use your personal data to notify you of the information about the products or services of the School or its partners. The companies, however, do not have the exclusive rights to share these data.

The personal data can also be disclosed to any people who are entitled to access of these data according to relevant regulations, provided that they shall prove their rights to access of these data. For instance, if the court issues an order and requests that the data of some customers should be provided, the School will disclose the personal data in question to the person duly authorized by the court.

The School reserves the right to sending you relevant service information, including but not limited to service announcement, administrative messages, the School’s newsletters, etc. If you do not wish to receive the promotional information from the School, please inform the School in writing and address to the Corporate & Communication Department
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